If you are currently in the hospital, in most cases, an ambulance will transport you to NRNC. The hospital will arrange this ride for you. Usually your insurance pays for this transportation. Hospital personnel should review this information with you and assist you with your transportation needs.

Frequently, your insurance or Medicare benefits pay for your care at NRNC for up to 100 days. Some things, such as the barber and beauty shop, telephone and television, are not reimbursed by your insurance, and must be paid for by you or your family. All meals, medication, therapy, and nursing care are paid for by your insurance.

You will be brought to your room by the ambulance drivers. Most of our rooms are semi-private rooms, which means you share your room with one other person. We do not have any rooms that have more than two people to a room. Private rooms are available on a limited basis and based on need. Once you are in your room, the nurse assigned to your care will begin his/her assessment of your needs.

The time of day you arrive at NRNC will determine when you begin therapy. If you arrive in the morning, therapists will begin their evaluation on the same day you arrive. If you arrive later in the day, you should receive your therapy at the hospital prior to your arrival to NRNC, and therefore will be seen the next day by the therapist.

The team at NRNC consists of you and your family, the physician, nurse case manager, nurses, certified nursing assistants (CNA’s), physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech/language pathologist, dietician, social worker, and any other specialist that is necessary for your care and well-being. NRNC has access to many physicians and professionals that are well trained in providing care and support to our patients.

We encourage visitors at NRNC. You will find your days are busy, and therefore it may be difficult for you to visit for long periods of time during the day. However, family and friends are always welcomed.

Telephone and television services are available during your stay at NEC. These services are not generally covered by insurance, and are charged based on a daily fee schedule.

Every case is different. Our goal is to work with you until you are able to go home safely. The length of stay is determined by your rate of progress, available insurance coverage, physicians, discharge potential, and amount of support required. Plans are made together with the patient and family. We will keep you and your family informed of your progress and let you know approximately how long we expect your stay to be.

This depends on your status at discharge, and the insurance coverage you have. We will make the recommendations we feel are necessary, however, it is your insurance company that will approve or deny your home care.

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