Experience the Difference With OmniVR®

Experience the Difference With Restore®

From Ordinary to Extraordinary:

From Ordinary to Extraordinary:

Transform Your Physical Therapy Experience With OmniVR®

Transform Your Physical Therapy Experience With Restore®

Nassau Rehabilitation & Nursing Center is a recognized leader in the healthcare industry, offering professional physical, cognitive, and life-readiness therapies. Our new OmniVR® Skills Technology program is designed to keep patients healthy, motivated, and engaged during therapy sessions — leading to better outcomes for all.

  • Perform group and concurrent therapy with a system that is easy for patients to use
  • Recreate the patient’s movements in a “real-time” interactive experience with the innovative 3D camera
  • Improve functional abilities through muscle strengthening, balance, movement, coordination, endurance and cognitive exercises
  • Leverage different skilled exercise modes for lower-functioning patients, including:
    • Seated exercise
    • Balance
    • Wheelchair propulsion and control
    • Walking
    • Upper extremity
    • Cardio

Our gaming physical therapy sessions are designed to increase hand-eye coordination + muscle dexterity:
Virtual Skiing | Bowling | Car Racing | Interactive Slot Machines | Pinball | Chess | Golf

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