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National Senior Citizen Day offers chance to recognize accomplishments and reflect

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At Nassau Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, exceeding customer expectations is our goal every day, in everything we do. We believe in preserving the dignity and encouraging the independence of our residents while providing service in a warm, caring and friendly way.


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Dear Nassau Rehab,

I want to thank you all very much for taking care of my husband Francisco C****. All this time everyone helped him out a lot. He finally has gotten out of his wheelchair and is now walking more than when he first came. I’m just so happy that everyone helped him out a lot. I know a lot of time and effort was put in for my husbands care and for that I am very thankful. I an so happy that my husband came to your rehab center. Everyone there from the Nurses to the housekeepers befriended my husband. Again, thank you all very much and We will never forget you.  I would recommend this place to anyone who needs rehab!!

P.S. I remember when I was a resident in your facility five years ago, you helped me out a lot.

…A few days before my total knee replacement, I was looking for a place to follow up my physical therapy. A good lead led me to your facility…Upon entering the door, we were much impressed…it was like a five star pavilion…The friendliness and cleanliness made quite an impression on us. We immediately signed up in the admissions office…My congratulations to all of you! I will be singing the praises of NRNC to all who will listen to me.

“…You are always there for Jerry. You share his triumphs a well as his troubles, his sorrows and his joys. You are there with a smile when he needs cheering, and a shoulder when he needs comfort. You are always there to extend a caring hand when he needs help of any kind. You give yourselves unselfishly, each and every day…”

Family of Jerry B.

I have been very satisfied with the overall care I have received. The PT and OT are excellent and the therapists are very caring and experienced. This is my sixth round of PT and OT and I value this the most…

“I am writing to express my most sincere appreciation for the professional and compassionate care my uncle received while residing in your facility. As with most families faced with having to make decisions regarding long term care of a relative, I was completely unaware of what to do. (The admissions staff)… guided me through the tortuous process with skill and compassion…The role of the elderly is often minimized. However there is no question in my mind that your staff provided my uncle with love and hope enabling him to find peace through the end of his days. I am forever grateful to all of them…”

John N. (Family Member)

“…I want to thank each and every one of you for the excellent care that you gave my uncle, Daniel D. I realize that he could be very difficult at times and that all of you were subjected at one time or another to his ornery ways. I am so sorry for that…I appreciate all the tender care that you gave him, and I know in his heart he did too…By the time he was admitted to your facility he was past the point that I could care for him at home. I didn’t want him in a nursing home…until I came and visited and saw how immaculate the facility was and how well the residents were cared for. You made the necessity of him being there bearable. That you for all the little things you did that I am not aware of. Thank you for treating him with dignity and respect…”

Gary W, (Family Member)

Having just had my first experience with a nursing home (yours), I must say I am so pleased and impressed. From my first meeting with (the admissions director), on her day off, to my mom’s last day with you, it was the most positive experience I could have asked for. Everyone I dealt with was highly professional and still warm and caring. I never heard the word “no”. I live in Florida and my concerns for my mom’s care were ever greater because of the distance. However your staff said “call or come any time as often as you like".


Five Gold Stars

– Danielle Siegel

Five Gold Stars

“I came to Nassau Extended Care in May, very weak, scared and alone. Just coming out of Winthrop Hospital after being incubated for a month because of COVID-19. Also all of my muscles had broken down. I couldn’t walk and could barely use my arms. I couldn’t see myself pulling thru all of this and being able to go back home.
First off there Physical Therapist John and Carmen were Awesome. They work hard with me everyday and never let me quit or give up. Mimi and Gail we’re my Occupational Therapist and they were great too. The only day of no therapy was Sunday, No Slacking allowed.
I must admit, the one person that had the biggest impact on my recovery was a CNA Mrs. Wright. I don’t think I could have made it without her. She saw me at my lowest and encouraged and cheered me on with all of my accomplishments big and small. She didn’t treat me like I was just a number she had to finish but like she really cared about me. Nothing makes you feel better than know someone actually cares about you. My afternoon CNA Mingo kept a smile on my face.
Overall my experience at Nassau Extended Care was very good. I would highly recommend it to anyone. I’m home now and walking with a rolator. I also love there patient relations person Mr. Nissan, He is great. He made it possible for me to see my son for his graduation at the facility because I couldn’t go to his graduation. Thank You so much Nissan for making our day.”

– Jessica J.

Five Gold Stars

“I’ve been a patient here at Nassau for last few months, I’m leaving and want to write some things about my experience here so I can help others when they are searching for a adequate rehabilitation center. When I first arrived, I saw how clean the halls were, the floors were so clean and so were the rooms. Errol my housekeeper was right on target everyday with his routine. They provide a free laundry service. Also for all the holidays, they will decorate accordingly. Nassau won first place for their Christmas decorations contest.
Physical therapy was excellent. My therapist Jingping and Carmen Heredia helped me overcome my fear to try to stand and walk. Also, My occupational therapy was great, the staff over there were pleasant and very good.
To all the nurses and aides who worked so hard and took care of all my needs. They made my stay so much easier and they were like my friends and family. I thank from the bottom of my heart Sophia Johnson, Marie Delisca, Ayanna Dewar, Nicole Harvey, Merlia Mingo, Kerry A Wright, Sandra Harvey, Veronica Rivett, Anise Pierre Lois, Nancy the LPN, Susan Anderson and Aloude freeman. You were all the best.
The office staff are incredible. They work so hard to make sure you get what you need. My Social Worker Lamenah Merriwether had so much patience for me and was a instrumental part in my discharge planning together with Cheryl. Cheryl Weather is an amazing financial coordinator, She really looks out for the patient’s best interests. Jacob and Nissan were always there to help if I ever needed anything.”

– Marie Prosnack

Five Gold Stars

“As a vendor that deals with Nassau Rehab all the time we are supremely impressed with their service. The care they have for their patients and heart that goes into it is amazing!”

– Medequipped LLC

Five Gold Stars

“I’ve been here for 6 months now. I want to thank all the staff especially on 2 south for being patient with me and helping me reach my maximum potential and strength. Ayana my nurse has been especially nice to me and patient with me. She does a great job, My CNA’s Pierre and Freeman, I couldn’t ask for any better help. My Physical therapist Jing is instrumental in my continued recovery. My social worker Lamenah has been there every step of the way for me. She is a true professional!”

– Carol Cozzi